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About the Saylor Academy


Our team is working to perfect the mission and vision statements that will carry us into 2015 and beyond. This is what has guided us to date:

The mission of the Saylor Academy is to make education freely available to all. Guided by the belief that technology has the potential to circumvent barriers that prevent many individuals from participating in traditional schooling models, the Academy is committed to developing and advancing inventive and effective ways of harnessing technology in order to drive the cost of education down to zero.

Suffice it to say, we believe that barriers of cost, time, and geography should not stand in the way of access to higher education or quality, effective credentials. We are working hard to provide a comprehensive, effective learning experience to make that belief a demonstrable reality.


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operating from Arlington, VA. Our roots go back to our founding in 1999 by Michael Saylor, founder of the business intelligence company MicroStrategy Inc.

Mr. Saylor had a very simple, very earnest, and very bold idea: Education should be free.

In 2008, the Saylor Academy began exploring the wealth of online open educational resources (OER) to develop its catalog of over 300 free, self-paced, online courses. In late 2012, we added our first college credit pathway courses.


We hire credentialed educators to design courses and to locate, vet, and organize OER and other materials into a structured and intuitive format. Many courses have additionally undergone a peer review process by panels of our consultants.

While we do not confer degrees, we offer verifiable certificates and continue to make strides in connecting our courses to college credit.