Real World Math

Welcome to the Saylor Foundation’s Real World Math Series. The courses included in this program are designed for the high school student preparing for college or the adult learner who needs a refresher course or two in mathematics.

Each of the courses in this series includes instructional videos and practice problems from Khan Academy™ (Khan Academy™ is a library of over 3,000 videos covering a range of topics, including math and physics) that will help you master the foundational knowledge necessary for success in College Algebra (MA001: Beginning Algebra) and beyond.

These courses focus on the ways in which math relates to common “real world” situations, transactions, and phenomena, such as personal finance, business, and the sciences. This “real world” focus will help you grasp the importance of the mathematical concepts you encounter in these courses and understand why you need quantitative and algebraic skills in order to be successful both in college and in your day-to-day-life.


RWM101: Foundations of Real World Math
RWM102: Algebra
RWM103: Geometry