New England College
Saylor Direct credit transfer partner

Mission Statement
New England College is a creative and supportive learning community that challenges individuals to transform themselves and their world.

Description of Mission
New England College emphasizes experiential learning as an essential component in the development of an enduring academic community. Building upon a strong liberal arts foundation, we challenge our students to reach their full potential through informed discourse and the pursuit of excellence in a framework of academic freedom that reflects the following values:

Value 1: Imaginative, innovative, and creative approaches to all endeavors
Value 2: Respect for self in the development of personal, social, physical and intellectual abilities
Value 3: Caring and collaborative relationships among members of our community
Value 4: Respect for the varied qualities of individuals, communities, and the world
Value 5: An appreciation of beauty and elegance in the search for truth
Value 6: Inquiry into and the pursuit of social justice
Value 7: Ethical and responsible citizenship, including service to the community
Value 8: The pursuit of ecological sustainability
Value 9: Continuous learning and a lifetime of personal achievement