Saylor Academy is committed to removing barriers to higher education and helping students build essential career skills. We aim to make education accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Saylor Academy partners with colleges/universities, governments, non governmental organizations, employers, and others who are trying to make a difference by offering access to education in their communities.

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Saylor Academy partners with other organizations to strategically increase access to on-demand skills and education courses. Partner organizations include universities, nonprofits, employers and other initiatives.  There is no cost to partner with Saylor Academy.

Asia e University
BlueCrest University College
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Skills/Professional Development Partners

Skills Development University Partners

Daffodil International University

Daffodil International University partners with Saylor Academy to offer professional development opportunities for its students. Students are able to use Saylor Academy’s free, self-paced courses to enhance their studies and become more competitive candidates when they enter the workforce.

IES University

IES University leverages Saylor Academy courses to help its students and faculty develop career-ready skills. The Saylor Academy partnership helps learners further develop and prepare for the workplace or entrepreneurship.

Groupe ESTEL logo

Groupe ESTEL offers Saylor Academy courses as a complement to its global business and hospitality focused curriculum. Students are able to learn best practices in business, management, and customer-service at their own pace.

Non Governmental Organization Partners

National Skill Development Corporation

Saylor Academy is a Knowledge Partner for NSDC’s eSkillIndia initiative, a project designed to offer access to upskilling opportunities for India’s youth. eSkillIndia’s students are able to take advantage of Saylor Academy’s free courses and develop their skills in Computer Science/Programming, Business, or English.

Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

Carlos Rosario, a school that helps adult immigrants with education and career training, uses our courses to support their students and provide pathways to further their schooling or career aspirations. Carlos Rosario’s students are able to take advantage of Saylor Academy courses in Computer Science/Programming, Math, and other subjects to prepare for their next steps in education or in the workforce.

Central Union Mission

Central Union Mission, a faith based nonprofit that helps individuals who have experienced homelessness, uses Saylor Academy’s free courses to supplement their vocational training, career readiness, and entrepreneurship programs. Central Union Mission’s clients use our professional development courses, as well as several academic resources, to prepare them for the workforce, the market, or future study paths.

Government Agency Partners

Bexar County

Bexar County Human Resources (San Antonio, Texas area) uses Saylor Academy to offer additional professional development opportunities to its employees. Via Bexar BiblioTech (the county’s innovative public library) Bexar County also supports testing services for students wishing to earn credit for Saylor Academy courses.

City of Alexandria

The City of Alexandria uses its partnership with Saylor Academy to offer low-cost pathways to degrees for its employees and their families. Our free courses, combined with their tuition-reimbursement program help City of Alexandria employees start or complete their educational goals.

Employer Partners

Willamson Medical center

Degree Completion Partners

Credit University Partners

University of Memphis

University of Memphis has recognized that a segment of its student population needs additional supports and pathways to achieve higher degree completion rates. One of the programs the University of Memphis implemented to help address this need was Project Finish Line, managed by their Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning.

Project Finish Line helps students finish their degrees if they are within one academic year until a successful graduation. Saylor Academy has partnered with the University to be a part of low cost pathways for students who have often depleted their financial aid resources.

Southern New Hampshire University logo

By reinventing higher education to fit the needs of today’s students and workforce, Southern New Hampshire University ensures that students are keeping pace with new technologies and professional requirements.

Saylor Academy has partnered with SNHU to help students achieve their dreams and transform their lives by completing their degree with minimal costs. By offering transferable credits to SNHU for students across the globe, Saylor Academy helps to remove restrictive financial barriers burdening this generation of students.

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