Open Online Courses with A Mission

As a nonprofit, we are a mission-driven organization: we aim to make education affordable for everyone who wants it and to provide our students with real-world opportunities. What we do at Saylor Academy works even better when we do it in collaboration with others. Our partnerships today fall into three general categories: our College Credit Transfer partners, Employer Degree Completion partners, and Special Program partners.

Our college credit transfer partners are colleges and universities that guarantee college credit for students who pass Saylor Academy’s credit-recommended exams. We have 20+ fully-accredited College Credit Transfer Schools that accept some or all of our 31 courses recommended for credit by the American Council on Education and the National College Credit Recommendation Service. That is nearly two years of very affordable, flexible credit for students who may be struggling to find the time and money to complete their degree.

Our Employer Degree Completion partners are employers that take advantage of low-cost credit options from Saylor Academy to help employees advance to affordable college degrees, making the most of tuition benefits programs and allowing employees to begin learning with no up-front costs.

Our special program partners are businesses, schools, and other organizations that use our courseware to inform the learning experiences of their staff, students, or other constituents. Examples include a nonprofit in Haiti which built a curriculum using Saylor Academy courses that takes students from the classroom to the workplace, to a company in Pakistan encouraging their employees to develop their professional skills using Saylor Academy courses. We also worked closely with an online public college to create a complete business Associate’s Degree program based on our open courses.

Become our Partner!

We build courses that can work for your students or employees in just minutes. If you have an idea for how we can join forces, especially if you think your organization is a fit for one of the models above, please contact us.

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