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About American Business & Technology University

American Business & Technology University is a 100% ONLINE, nationally ACCREDITED university located in the heart of the Midwestern United States. At ABTU, we strive to be unique by delivering our students the best that modern day higher education has to offer through eliminating the hassles of commuting, high tuition rates, rigid scheduling, and outdated technologies.

At ABTU you will enjoy learning through innovative delivery methods and teaching concepts within our 100% online, live classroom environment. We offer over 20 fields of study in high-demand and growing business and technology related fields that enable our students to earn everything from Technical Certifications and Diplomas all the way to Associate, Bachelor’s and even Master’s Degrees. At ABTU, there truly is something for everyone.

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ABTU is Nationally Accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

Note: ABTU will accept up to 30 hours in transfer credit.

Our Commitment to Debt-Free Education: American Business & Technology University has made it possible for qualified individuals to GRADUATE college, 100% online, with ZERO-DEBT!!

Let’s face it…the typical cost of getting a college education is higher than ever before.
It seems like there’s a new headline everyday about unsuspecting college students being met with HUGE piles of burdensome student loan debt upon graduation.

But if you’re one of the many who has been putting off going to college due to it not being affordable… you’ve come to the right place!

Under this exciting new program designed to help students get an affordable college education, you can attend ABTU, complete your studies, and graduate DEBT-FREE. Our students are getting the training and education they need to compete in today’s competitive job market – 100% online, on their time, at their own convenience, without the crippling financial burden.

Saylor Direct Credit Course Equivalents

We strive to keep this list up to date, but there may be newer Saylor Direct Credit courses not listed here. We recommend checking with your advisor to find out how all of our credit courses can be used at American Business & Technology University.

Please note that some Saylor Direct Credit courses may be currently unavailable. See an up to date list at

Saylor Academy Course ABTU Course
Associates Level Courses
BUS210: Corporate Communication GBC110: Business Communication
BUS203: Principles of Marketing CIB-220 Principles of Marketing
CS101: Introduction to Computer Science I CIS-140 Programming Logic and Design
Bachelors Level Courses
BIO101: Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology GES-300 Environmental Science
CHEM101: General Chemistry I GES-300 Environmental Science
POLSC201: Introduction to Western Political Thought POL-300 Political Science
BUS204: Business Statistics STA-310 Statistics I
BUS205: Business Law BLE-400 Business Law


Saylor Academy can help you complete your degree at ABTU and our other partner schools with tuition-free Saylor Direct credit courses. Get started at