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About City Vision University

City Vision has roots and history that span rescue missionsChristian community development, the Salvation Army, evangelical ministries, Christian recovery and the Black and Hispanic church traditions. All of these traditions inform our values and core organizational DNA. We also have a rich history of innovation from our leadership’s involvement in co-founding a MIT research group with one of the fathers of the Internet, involvement in the 90’s dot-com boom and leading disruptive innovation in higher education today.


City Vision accepts transfer of up to 90 transfer credits from any accredited college. Qualifying students can get their tuition fully covered by Pell grants or use Federal loans or GI Bill benefits. City Vision provide a 25% discount to military & VA benefit veterans and staff at Rescue Missions/Salvation Army, a 40% discount to ministry interns, and a 50% discount to students from developing countries.

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City Vision University accepts up to 90 Credits from Saylor Academy! Here's how:

  1. Take any  Saylor Direct Credit courses for only the cost of proctoring.
  2. Request a transcript for your completed courses to be sent to [email protected] or City Vision University, 1100 E 11th Street, Kansas City, MO 64106-3028, USA.
  3. Apply (for free) to be a City Vision student.
  4. City Vision will accept Saylor Direct Credit courses up to 90 credits for a Bachelor's, and 45 for an Associate's degree.
  5. For students that complete 4 courses with Saylor Academy or any student outside the US, City Vision provides a 33% scholarship. After scholarship tuition is only: $500/course ($5,000/year) undergraduate or graduate.

Questions? Email [email protected] or call 816-960-2008

Courses Accepted

Please note that some Saylor Direct Credit courses may be currently unavailable. See an up to date list at City Vision University will accept any current Saylor Direct Credit course. Here is a list of highlighted course subjects.

Some “Saylor Direct Credit” courses:

Saylor Academy can help you complete your degree at City Vision University and our other partner schools with tuition-free Saylor Direct credit courses. Get started at