Morgan State University

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Morgan State University, a coeducational institution, is located in a residential section of Baltimore, Maryland. The campus covers an area of more than 143 acres.

Morgan State University is an equal opportunity affirmative action institution of higher education. See the Nondiscrimination Policy.

By action of the Maryland Legislature, the University has been designated as Maryland’s Preeminient Public Urban Research University, with the responsibility of addressing the needs of residents, schools, and organizations within the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Morgan State University is located in a residential area of northeast Baltimore City. It is easily accessible from downtown, the Baltimore beltway, and Interstate 95. Each year, the school enrolls an average of 7,700 students in programs from the baccalaureate level through the doctorate.


Mission Statement

Morgan State University serves the community, region, state, nation, and world as an intellectual and creative resource by supporting, empowering and preparing high-quality, diverse graduates to lead the world. The University offers innovative, inclusive, and distinctive educational experiences to a broad cross section of the population in a comprehensive range of disciplines at the baccalaureate, master’s, doctoral, and professional degree levels. Through collaborative pursuits, scholarly research, creative endeavors, and dedicated public service, the University gives significant priority to addressing societal problems, particularly those prevalent in urban communities.

Saylor Academy and Morgan State University have partnered to offer credit transfer pathways to Morgan students. Please contact your advisor to get approval before starting your Saylor Academy course. You can view courses here, and consult Transfer Evaluation and Articulation Services (TES) for course approval updates.  To find Saylor Academy in TES:
  • Click “A” in the alphabetical shortcut menu
  • Search for, and click “American Council on Education”
  • Saylor courses are listed under their American Council on Education (ACE) number, which starts with SAYA and the course number. For example: SAYA 003- CHEM101 General Chemistry I
ACE Course numbers can be found here  

Institution Recommended Courses

Course ACE Credits Recommended Equivalent Course Name Credits Available
BUS101: Introduction to Business SAYA-0020 3 BUAD 200 Intoduction to Business for Non-Business Majors 3
BUS202: Principles of Finance SAYA-0022 3 FIN 116TR Lower Level Elective 3
BUS203: Principles of Marketing SAYA-0023 3 MKTG 116TR Lower Level Elective 3
BUS205: Business Law and Ethics SAYA-0024 3 BUAD 116TR Lower Level Elective 3
BUS206: Management Information Systems SAYA-0013 3 INSS 360 Management Information Systems 3
BUS208: Principles of Management SAYA-0035 3 MGMT 116TR Lower Level Elective 3
BUS209: Organizational Behavior SAYA-0034 3 MGMT 116TR Lower Level Elective 3
CHEM101: General Chemistry I SAYA-0028 3 CHEM 101 General Chemistry 4
COMM001: Principles Of Human Communication SAYA-0010 3 COMM100TR Lower Level Free Elective 3
CS102: Introduction to Computer Science II SAYA-0015 3 COSC111 Introduction to Computer Science 4
CS402: Computer Communications and Networks SAYA-0016 3 COSC 349 Network Communications 3
ECON101: Principles of Microeconomics SAYA-0005 3 ECON 212 Principles of Econmics II 3
MA005: Calculus I SAYA-0025 4 MATH 241 Calculus I 4
MA121: Introduction to Statistics SAYA-0032 3 MATH 205 Probability, Statistics and Discrete Mathematics 3
PHIL103: Moral and Political Philosophy SAYA-0011 3 PHIL 220 Ethics and Values 3
PHYS101: Introduction to Mechanics SAYA-0031 3 PHYS 203 General Physics: Fundamental of Physics I 3
PHYS102: Introduction to Electromagnetism SAYA-0030 3 PHYS 204 General Physics: Fundamental of Physics II 3
POLSC101: Introduction to Political Science SAYA-0012 3 POSC101 Introduction to Political Science 3
POLSC221: Introduction to Comparative Politics SAYA-0029 3 POSC 116TR Lower Level Elective 3
PSYCH101: Introduction to Psychology SAYA-0007 2 PSYC 101 General Psychology 3
SOC101: Introduction to Sociology SAYA-0008 1 SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology 3