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Building on Purdue’s mission to provide greater access to affordable, high-quality education, Purdue Global is a public, nonprofit institution that offers a world-class education online.

Purdue Global is dedicated to adult students who need flexibility to fit learning into their busy lives, making it possible to achieve a degree from a school within the respected Purdue University system—from anywhere in the world. The innovative approach to teaching and outcome-focused curriculum give you the skills you need to make an immediate impact on your career and the edge to compete in this fast-changing world economy.

Our mission is simple. Purdue Global delivers personalized online education tailored to the unique needs of adults who have work or life experience beyond the classroom, enabling them to develop essential academic and professional skills with the support and flexibility they need to achieve their career goals.


With Saylor Academy and Purdue Global, you can save even more money toward your degree.

Purdue Global now accepts Saylor Academy courses for credit, meaning you can take Saylor’s tuition free courses at your own pace, and transfer credits into one of many affordable Purdue Global programs.  Both Purdue Global and Saylor Academy believe in flexible education options for working and adult learners, and Saylor courses will help to put your degree within reach.

Start, study and save, using Saylor Academy and Purdue Global today.

Saylor Direct Credit Course Equivalents

Purdue Global accepts the following courses for credit.


ACE ID Saylor course Sem credits. PG Course Code PG Course Name
SAYA-0036 ARTH101: Art Appreciation 3 ART4.5L 100/200 Lower-level Arts Elective
SAYA-0024 3 BU4.5L 100/200 Lower-level Business Elective
SAYA-0037 BUS204: Business Statistics 3 MM4.5L 100/200 Lower-level Mathematics Elective
SAYA-0025 4 MM6L 100/200 Lower-level Mathematics Elective
SAYA-0040 1 TC1.5L 100/200 Lower-level Open Elective
SAYA-0027 3 CM4.5L 100/200 Lower-level Communications Elective
SAYA-0045 3 HU4.5L 100/200 Lower-level Humanities Elective
SAYA-0032 3 MM207 Statistics
SAYA-0033 3 SS4.5L 100/200 Lower-level Social Science Elective
SAYA-0038 3 MT435 Operations Management
SAYA-0034 3 MT4.5L 100/200 Lower-level Management Elective
SAYA-0022 3 MT217 Finance
SAYA-0006 3 BU204
SAYA-0023 3 MT219 Marketing
SAYA-0005 3 BU224 Microeconomics
SAYA-0039 3 IT301 Project Management I
SAYA-0044 3 SS4.5L 100/200 Lower-level Social Science Elective

Saylor Academy can help you complete your degree at any of our partner schools with tuition-free Saylor Direct credit courses. Get started at www.saylor.org/credit.