University of the Bahamas


Since its establishment in 1979, Continuing Education has expanded its reach and continues to respond to the needs of the community. The work of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning is exciting and rewarding. They work with colleagues to ensure that their University is the best in the region, and outstanding in the global arena.

University Recommended Courses:


The below courses are of interest but there exists no equivalencies or significant overlap in content with the CELEARN professional development courses. The addition/adoption of these courses will certainly strengthen the CELEARN professional development portfolio:

CUST105 Customer Service MGMT 932 Delivering Superior Customer Service
PRDV002 Professional Writing WRIT 900 Effective Writing Skills
PRDV005 Time and Stress Management MGMT 927 Project Scope and Time Management
PRDV009 Writing Grant Proposals WRIT 910 Fundamentals of Grant Writing
* To be entered in Elevate
PRDV212 Interpersonal Communication MGMT 903 Interpersonal Skills for the Manager
PRDV221 Introduction to Management MGMT 900 Personal Skills for the Managers
PRDV223 Organizational Culture, Diversity, and Ethics HRMG 910 Managing Change and Diversity in Organizations
PRDV224 Leadership and Teams MGMT 906 Advanced Leadership Skills for Managers
PRDV225 Managing Employees MGMT 904 Advanced Management Skills I
PRDV226 Introduction to Human Resource Management HRMG 900 Introduction to the Human Resource Environment
PRDV231: Elements of Ethical Leadership ETHC 900 Ethics & Professional Responsibility