Saylor Academy Corporate Degree Completion Partner:

Saylor Academy degree completion partners are employers who support their employees' development by offering an opportunity for tuition-free college credit.  More information regarding our college credit recommended courses are available here.

Bexar County Human Resources; BiblioTech, Bexar County's Digital Library; and Saylor Academy have partnered to offer tuition-free courses to Bexar County employees. BiblioTech will also offer proctoring services for students taking Direct Credit Final Exams. Bexar County Employees can enroll in classes here.

For more in-depth learning and resources to pursue a degree program, please see our Direct Credit courses for information on receiving tuition-free college credit. Our Direct Credit program is open to Bexar County employees and their families.

Bexar County Employees 

For those interested in professional development, we recommend these resources. Bexar County employees can also use our Direct Credit program to earn college credit toward a degree program.

PRDV002 Professional Writing
- This course is a resource on basic business document formatting and structure.

PRDV104 Professional Etiquette
- Professional etiquette covers key principles in workplace courtesy, communication and embracing workplace diversity.