Broken Chains
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Broken Chains Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on the needs of men and women in the District of Columbia returning to society after being released from prison. We believe that everyone has value and when given a chance to thrive we all can make a positive change in this world. Partnering with Saylor Academy will help level the playing field for persons released from prison who are unable to afford an education and compete in the job market without an education and or skill. It is their  goal to empower returning citizens through outreach and education to give them the tools to become self-sufficient and remove barriers in obtaining employment and housing. This will also give them the leverage to begin a path to family reunification and building stronger, safer and more sustainable communities.

Broken Chains’ programs include outreach, education, skill building and financial empowerment.

Through a partnership with Saylor Academy a Nonprofit organization, they are able to provide Returning Citizens with tuition free education where Returning Citizens can obtain certifications in Professional Development, IT, Human Resources, Management, and a myriad of other college credit courses that can be transferred to partnering Universities even in the DC metropolitan area.

Financial empowerment workshops educate citizens on the importance of money management and how to build wealth through budgeting, banking, debt management, understanding credit scores and reports and obtaining a mortgage. In addition, they offer assistance with resume writing, assessments, employment assistance and referrals, and housing location assistance.

Message from Broken Chains:

Broken Chains Inc. is excited that you are investing in your future and taking advantage of the free on-line courses offered through Saylor Academy. We have carefully created a list of recommended courses below to help you gain the necessary certifications to prepare you for the job market. In addition, to these courses, you also have access to Saylor Academy’s full catalog of courses in which you can enroll and gain college credits that can be transferred to a list of partnering Universities. In order to enroll in a course and get credit, you must first create an account. Go to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click on the word Sign Up and follow the instructions. You must also have an email account. If you do not have an email account, Stop and go to the Google Chrome Web browser and type in the search bar and create a Google Email Account. After you have created your email account and password, you can then go back into the Saylor Academy website and click on the word Sign Up and create an account with Saylor Academy. Once you’ve created an account, you will receive an email from Saylor Academy notifying you that your account has been created and you then can enroll in a course. Please do not hesitate to contact Broken Chains Inc. with any questions or assistance in enrolling in a course at [email protected], or you can also contact the Saylor Academy Help Center at and submit an on-line request. Again, Welcome and much success to all!

Organization Recommended Courses

PRDV 002 – Professional Writing
PRDV 005 – Time and Stress Management
PRDV003 – Word Processing
PRDV 102 – Resume Writing
PRDV 103 – Interviewing Skills
CUST 105 – Customer Service
PRDV 104 – Professional Etiquette
PRSM 107 – Crisis Communication
PRDV 223 – Organizational Culture, Diversity & Ethics
PRDV 224 – Leadership & Teams
ENVS 203 – Environmental Ethics, Justice & World Views
PRDV 228 – Decision Making