IEC professional

iEC Professional is an education and technology company that supports learning communities to build capability in professionals and organizations.

They combine their deep technology enablement capability with expert support services for community-building.

Their professional and executive education courses and programs, including custom corporate education programs, are delivered as a collaboration with leading universities, TAFEs and industry bodies through the Institute for Enterprise Capability.

The result is a new approach to community-based, lifelong learning which has a focus on IMPACT through measurable performance improvement.

IEC Professional and Saylor Academy have partnered to offer skill development opportunities to students. Students can take any Saylor Academy course and earn fully digital, shareable certificates, however, IEC Professional and Saylor Academy have recommended the following courses to help you start on your journey.


Institution Recommended Courses

Business Administration
BUS101: Introduction to Business
BUS103: Introduction to Financial Accounting
BUS105: Managerial Accounting
BUS200: Business Ethics
BUS202: Principles of Finance
BUS203: Principles of Marketing
BUS204: Business Statistics
BUS205: Business Law
BUS206: Management Information Systems
BUS208: Principles of Management
BUS209: Organizational Behavior
BUS210: Business Communication
BUS300: Operations Management
BUS301: Human Resource Management
BUS303: Strategic Information Technology
BUS305: Small Business Management
BUS401: Management Leadership
BUS402: Project Management
BUS403: Negotiations and Conflict Management
BUS501: Strategic Management
BUS601: Financial Management
BUS602: Marketing Management
BUS603: Managing People
BUS604: Innovation and Sustainability
BUS605: Strategic Project Management
BUS606: Operations and Supply Chain Management
BUS607: Data-Driven Decision-Making
BUS608: Ethical and Strategic Management
BUS610: Business Intelligence and Analytics
BUS611: Data Management
BUS612: Data-Driven Communications
BUS613: Advanced International Business
Computer Science
COMM001: Principles of Human Communication
COMM101: Public Speaking
COMM411: Public Relations
Computer Science
CS101: Introduction to Computer Science I
CS102: Introduction to Computer Science II
CS105: Introduction to Python
CS107: C++ Programming
CS120: Bitcoin for Developers I
CS201: Elementary Data Structures
CS202: Discrete Structures
CS250: Python for Data Science
CS301: Computer Architecture
CS302: Software Engineering
CS401: Operating Systems
CS402: Computer Communications and Networks
CS403: Introduction to Modern Database Systems
CS406: Information Security