National Skill Development Corporation

NSDC was set up as part of a national skill development mission to fulfill the growing need in India for skilled manpower across sectors and narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills. There is a compelling need to launch a world-class skill development program in a mission mode that will address the challenge of imparting the skills required by a growing economy. Both the structure and the leadership of the mission must be such that the program can be scaled up quickly to cover the whole country.

Saylor Academy and the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) have partnered as part of NSDC’s eSkillIndia effort, which offers digital skill-development opportunities from a variety of providers. To learn more, you can visit Saylor’s eSkillIndia page.

NSDC and Saylor Academy have partnered to offer skill development opportunities to NSDC students. Students can take any Saylor Academy course and earn fully digital, shareable certificates however NSDC and Saylor Academy have recommended some courses to help you start on your journey.

Learn why you should share your certificates here. Please register through eSkillIndia.