Universidade Pungue


Púnguè University is a higher institution located in the central part of Mozambique. It is a Government Institution that emerged from the dismemberment of Manica and Tete branches that were formally embedded in the Pedagogical University in Maputo in compliance with the decree-law No. 4/2019, of February 15, 2019, approved by the Council of Ministers. Púnguè University emerged as a multi-campus institution with its headquarter in Chimoio and a branch in Tete. Since then, Professor Emília Nhalevilo was appointed by the president of Mozambique as the university Rector.

Púnguè University’s mission is to train quality senior technicians so that they can contribute creatively to sustainable economic and socio-cultural development. As one of the Institutions that offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs across Mozambique, Púnguè University envisages being a higher Institution of quality and excellence in the teaching and learning process, research, and extension services at the national, regional, and international level.


Universidade Pungue and Saylor Academy have partnered to offer skill development opportunities to Universidade Pungue students. Students can take any Saylor Academy course and earn fully digital, shareable certificates, however, Universidade Pungue and Saylor Academy have recommended the following courses to help you start on your journey.


University Recommended Courses

Saylor Academy Courses for Skill Development
Subject Area Course Name
English as a Second Language ESL001: Beginning Lower-Intermediate English as a Second Language
ESL002: Intermediate English as a Second Language
ESL003: Upper-Intermediate English as a Second Language
ESL004:Advanced English as a Second Language
ESL005:Business-Proficient English as a Second Language
Business Adminstration
BUS203: Principles of Marketing
BUS206: Management Information Systems
BUS209: Organizational Behavior
BUS210: Corporate Communication
BUS301: Human Resource Management
Communication COMM001: Principles of Human Communication
Computer Science CS105: Introduction to Python
CS107: C++ Programming
CS250: Python for Data Science
CS302: Software Engineering
CS406: Information Security
Professional Development CUST105: Customer Service
PRDV004: Spreadsheets
PRDV006: Spreadsheets II: Formatting and Functions
PRDV007: Spreadsheets III: Presenting Data
PRDV008: Preparing and Delivering Presentations
PRDV102: Resume Writing
PRDV103: Interviewing Skills
PRVD211: Foundations of Human Communication
PRVD221: Introduction to Management
PRDV212: Interpersonal Communication
PRVD213: Group Communication
PRVD225: Managing Employees
PRVD226: Introduction to Human Resource Management
PRDV401: Introduction to JavaScript I