Students in India may Earn Credits Towards a Master of Computer Applications Degree Through Institute of Management and Computer Application (SIMCA) PartnershipSIMCA LogoSinhgad Logo

With the launching of this partnership, students who live in India, can earn credit towards a Master of Computer Applications degree from the Sinhgad Institute of Management and Computer Application by passing free Saylor courses and exams which have been aligned with current SIMCA course offerings.  In addition to matching courses to equivalent SIMCA courses, Sinhgad Institute of Management and Computer Application is establishing themselves as a leader in supporting open educational resources (OER) by validating course learning outcomes and exams, which are predominately built around OER.

How it works for Students

The Saylor Foundation and Sinhgad Institute of Management and Computer Application have matched courses with SIMCA courses in their Master of Computer Applications program. This means that if you live in India and successfully work through one of the aligned Saylor courses and pass the final exam, you will receive credit for the equivalent SIMCA course.  Students who successfully pass exams will earn certificates of completion and if they enroll with Sinhgad Institute of Management and Computer Application, they will be awarded credit for those certificates. For students in India interested in applying credit elsewhere, the exam and credit will be listed on official Sinhgad Institute of Management and Computer Application transcripts, which can be requested through SIMCA for a small transcript fee.  Contact at SIMCA is Professor Sunil Joshi, [email protected].

We will put a notice on any of our courses which are aligned to a SIMCA course, as well as the relevant SIMCA course/exam information, to ensure that students register for the proper course.

Courses Currently Aligned to SIMCA courses:

Students enrolled in the below courses through the Saylor/SIMCA partnership will follow a structured schedule for completing each course — a structure not otherwise found in courses.

SIMCA Courses Equivalent
Semester I show
IT13: Software Engineering CS302: Software Engineering
BM11: Principles and Practices of Management and Organizational Behavior BUS208: Principles of Management and BUS209: Organizational Behavior
SS1L: Soft Skill – Word Power, Business English ENGL000: Pre-College English and PRDV002: Professional Writing
Semester II show
IT21: Object Oriented Programming with C++ CS107: C++ Programming
IT23: Operating System Concepts CS401: Operating Systems
BM21: Management Information System and Business Intelligence BUS206: Management Information Systems
Semester III show
IT31: Web Technologies CS305: Web Development
IT32: Data Communication And Computer Networks CS402: Computer Communications and Networks
IT34: Advanced Database Management System CS410: Advanced Databases
Semester IV  show
IT42: Mobile Computing CS412: Mobile Application Development
IT43: Information Security And Audit CS406: Information Security
IT44: Design And Analysis of Algorithm CS303: Algorithms

A description of the MCA program at SIMCA can be found here.

About Sinhgad Institute of Management and Computer Application

Located in Pune, Maharashtra, India, the Sinhgad Institute of Management and Computer Application is one of 19 management institutes that comprise the Sinhgad Institutes. Through holistic development of students and teachers, they strive to imbibe a unique value system, transparent work culture, excellent academic and physical environment conducive to learning, creativity, and technology transfer. Their mandate is to generate, preserve, and share knowledge for developing a vibrant society.

Specific questions about this partnership should be directed to:

Jeff Davidson
E-mail: [email protected]