Nothing makes us happier than knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of students. Over the past few months, we’ve gotten some great, unsolicited feedback from users, including emails and notes telling us where our students are studying from, what courses they’re taking, and how they’re taking the knowledge of what they learned and plan to apply it in their everyday lives. Based on our user survey and countless emails, we estimate that our users hail from over 50 countries!

To help us and fellow users learn about each other, we want you to tell other students where in the world YOU are! To do so, this month we kicked off our  Postcard Project. If you’d like to say hi to the Saylor Foundation and other users, send us a postcard! Click here to learn how.


The original image “Postcard Wall” used in the photo above came from Flickr user eperales. Licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution license.  The original image “Vintage Sepia Postcard”  is by D. Sharon Pruitt and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License; the original can be found here.