Because the mission of the Saylor Foundation is to make education freely available to all, we’re continuously looking for outlets to post our educational materials and expand our reach. When we first heard about GoodSemester earlier this year, we were intrigued by their model – and knew it was the channel for our materials. We absolutely love GoodSemester’s approach to bringing education to the 21st century through the use of technology and connecting professors and students all around the globe. If you haven’t heard of GoodSemester before, it’s loosely described as a “global network of teachers, learners, and schools”, set up so that “anyone can work in real-time across classes, between universities, and across the world, all in one place.” (Read more about GoodSemester here, here, and here.)

This morning, we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with GoodSemester that will enable us to get our courseware into the hands of college students everywhere and help cut down on the high costs of education. To begin, we’ve populated GoodSemester with our four Open Textbook Challenge winners – Mathematical Analysis I, Elementary Linear Algebra, Linear Algebra, and Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols and Practice. As of this morning, all four texts are available on GoodSemester – and ready for professors to begin using them in their courses.

We also plan to continue to partner with GoodSemester and select partner colleges to add course materials into the GoodSemester platform. More to come on that later! For now, you can read the full press release here – and be sure to check out GoodSemester’s blog for all their recent news and announcements.