The Saylor Foundation is excited to announce that two of its Open Textbook Challenge winning textbooks, Mathematical Analysis I by Elias Zakon and Elementary Linear Algebra by Kenneth Kuttler, are now available for free download in the iTunes Bookstore. The textbooks correspond to MA241: Real Analysis and MA211: Linear Algebra I, respectively. The books are currently the only free textbooks for both subjects that are available on iTunes: other textbooks on these subjects are priced as high as $179.99.

Mathematical Analysis I was written by Dr. Elias Zakon of the University of Windsor and submitted to the Open Textbook Challenge by Dr. Bradley Lucier of Purdue University. Elementary Linear Algebra was written and submitted to the Open Textbook Challenge by Dr. Kenneth Kuttler of Brigham Young University. Both textbooks are aligned to the Saylor Foundation’s full courses, which are available for free at

These are the first of many free textbooks that the Saylor Foundation will be uploading to the iTunes Bookstore as part of its expansion into the iTunes marketplace. Future books will include Computer Networking: Principles, Protocol, and Practice by Olivier Bonaventure and Linear Algebra: Theory and Applications.

Click here for Mathematical Analysis I and here for Elementary Linear Algebra  – and check back with the Saylor Journals for updates on Saylor textbooks and courses in iTunes.