Where did the day go? We found these updates to be most intriguing today and we hope you do too!

PS – Bonus points if you recognize any 90s movie references below. And yes, using Wikiquote is cheating. 

Build An Audience: Free Online Music Marketing Seminar (Killyourstereo.com)
Musicians, let me bring you up to speed. MTV’s digital music strategist, Amber Horsburgh, is offering up a free online music marketing seminar via Skillshare in early December. Pack up your hair net and name tag collection, because one student will be featured on the MTV Artists home page after the course — excellent.

Coalition of Thinkers Vow to Fight Marketisation of Universities (The Guardian)
Britain’s intellectuals are taking issue with the continued commercialization of their institutions. Honestly, I’d be happy to explain but it just sounds so much better in a British accent.

How I Learned a Language in 22 Hours (The Guardian)
Ancient mnemonic techniques and gamification trends don’t sound like two concepts that would combine to boost your vocabulary in Spanish. Yet, Joshua Foer made his linguistic way through the Congo with only three months of practice using Memrise, a tool developed to make memorizing and learning effective, fun and addictive. Basically, it’s the thinking man’s Farmville.

Academic Minute (Inside HigherEd)
Do you have one minute? Sure you do – learn a a new fact quick with Inside Higher Ed’s Academic Minute. This week? Evolving Bacteria…yum.

Also, last week we asked How Do You Add Value to Free on our blog. So, take a minute, meditate and let us know what you want to see on saylor.org.

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