PRDV103: Interviewing SkillsJust got a call for a job interview? Are those classic “interview nerves” keeping you up at night the night before? Then take a deep breath and be sure to study our PRDV103: Interviewing Skills course (a quick one…3 hours…hey, you can’t sleep anyway!) before your next interview.

Third in our 4-course Job Search Skills Program, PRDV103 focuses on tips and hints to help you promote yourself to your potential employers, everything from the importance of looking the part (how to dress) to knowing just how to negotiate the ever-awkward salary question.

So…make sure you’re ready for all of these parts of the interview (and more…exciting, right?) with PRDV103 Interviewing Skills, now available via our channel on iTunes U as well as the classic version.

If you’re hankering for related courses, check out our full Professional Development program; if you’re eager to put your iDevice through the wringer, there are 30 other courses live on our iTunes U channel (folks seem to like ARTH208, ECON101, ECON102, MA001, and PSYCH101), selected from our 279 courses at