silhouette_questionWatch this space next Thursday, February 14th*, for the very first installation in our new series of profiles. Each week, we’ll post a profile of one of our students, consultants, or staff, so that we can all get to know each other that much better.

Student Profile – Students, site users, friends, community members…call them what you will, these people are the reason we do what we do.
Educator Profile – Academic consultants, professor consultants, teachers…they go by different names from one moment to the next, but doesn’t exist without them.
Staff Profiles – Researchers, coordinators, writers, techies, and general web savants…we’re all these things, but mostly we’re just your standard, friendly non-profiteers.

All these folks bring diversity of talent and personality to the table, and we’re often reminded of how enormously fascinating actual people can be. We hope that these profiles will evoke, in however small and quiet a way, the same sense of wonder in every-day people that we’ve found.

*Valentine’s Day. Coincidence? Yes, actually. But we do love our students, academic consultants, and staff.