We are pleased to announce that yesterday’s OER Newsletter will be the last. Why “pleased”? Well, because it really isn’t going anywhere; we’re just going to improve on it a little.

First, a brief history: the OER Newsletter began its run in private circulation; we used it to tell our academic consultants about resources we had received permission to host, as well as notable open-license content we found. We threw in additional sites, tools, and more, just for kicks.

Soon, the Newsletter graduated to a public audience, and for a time we ran dual versions — one that highlighted newly-permitted resources, and on that focused more on the other stuff. When that began to feel like it made more work than sense, we canceled the private version and gave everything over to the public one, which has been published monthly in the blog since last year.

Now what? Well, the last Friday of every month (starting March 29th), we’ll put out a resources list that highlights OER (open educational resources, in case you’ve been scratching your head ’til now) and follows those up with other cool-but-not-OER stuff from the Web. Sounds an awful lot like…the status quo, right? Yeah, but ‘OER Newsletter’ was always kind of a misnomer, and didn’t do any favors for the non-OER stuff contained in it. We don’t have a title yet, but the point will be to give OER a special place up top, while also more fully embracing everything else we mention. We’ll still be featuring resources every Friday, too, as we’ve done for the past several weeks.

Thoughts on a title, anyone? We’re “open” to suggestions. (See what I did there?)