What is the Good? What is a truly ethical solution to a certain problem? How does all that logic really make sense? Here are some great sources and tools that can help educators, students, or the simply curious think big.

Philosophy PagesPhilosophy Pages (Garth Kemerling)
This reference site has many great features to help you in learning experiences. Sources include: dictionary of terms, timeline, study guide, history, etc. (Open License)

Philosophy NowPhilosophy Now (Philosophy Now)
This is a scholarly magazine with free articles available.

Logic ToolboxLogic Toolbox (John Saetti)
Need help in figuring out how to do a logic proof? Is it all seeming strangely illogical to you? This resource might be able to clear a few things up!

Logic & Proofs - Open Learning Initiative
Logic & Proofs (Carnegie-Mellon OLI)
This logic and proofs course might be helpful for reference. If you get led to the Carenegie-Mellon homepage, simply type “logic” or “philosophy” in the search bar.

Linguistics and Philosophy - MIT OpenCourseWareLinguistics and Philosophy (MIT OCW)
MIT OCW has done it again. This time, we can access a plethora of philosophy and linguistics courses. Enjoy! (Open License)

Other Resources

Catalog Search Results   Hathi Trust Digital Library
Hathi Trust Library (Hathi Trust)
Just type the topic that you want to search for in the search bar and go! This link takes you to all of the many full-text items available in philosophy…some of them public domain, some of the openly-licensed or open access. The world is at your fingertips!

Internet for PhilosophyVirtual Training Suite
Having trouble researching the internet? Need some tutorial help? Then this suite would be just right for you! (Open License)