Interested in measuring the Earth like Eratosthenes? Want to wow your geometry teacher when you return to school in the fall? Or are you interested in putting some of your algebra and trigonometry skills to the test? Then  grab your graphing calculator, #2 pencil, let’s get crackin’! K12MATH: Geometry is live and running…

Perfect your math skills and surf the coordinate plane with the help of CK-12 texts, “Did I get it?” Wiki activities, and other resources that will help you build your expertise in problem solving  and critical thinking. By the end of this course, you’ll not only have picked up some geometric reasoning, but also skills in problem solving, critical thinking, mathematical modeling, and the ability to use a variety of tools to effectively tackle problems. (Geometry is kind of a big deal.)

Interested in a look behind the scenes? Stay tuned! We’ve got an Educator Snapshot of one of our awesome K12MATH course designers coming up this afternoon!

Worried about Common Core? Worry no more! We’ve got those standards covered! Our K12MATH and ELA courses are Common Core aligned and ready for action.

Photo: Adapted from an image by Double–M via photopin CC BY 2.0