BUS301-ImageInterested in ways to make the best use  of the skills, abilities and knowledge of an organization’s human capital? Want to learn more ab0ut the nitty-gritty ins and outs of what occurs in that good ol’ HR dept.? Then let’s get crackin’! BUS301: Human Resource Development is now available on our iTunes U channel and it is our course o’ the week!

This course is compact with video lectures and readings from experts on various different aspects of the field. They will help you learn everything you need to know, from strategies for optimizing production with the use of human capital, to the legal measures that influence such methodologies.  You will also learn about how human resource management is important and relevant to all managers of an organization, as well as ways to define and conduct job analysis.

If you prefer the PC versionBUS301 here at Saylor.org isn’t going anywhere. For those of you with an iOS inclination, we’ve got 45 additional courses to enjoy on your iDevice, and all of those plus 238 more to explore at Saylor.org via your favorite browser