Want to be able to remix and use free and open textbooks to your liking? Looking to learn concepts quickly with the help of “bite-sized” lessons? Then let’s get started! CK-12 can act as your trusty sidekick, or better yet your vehicle to help you to teach others and learn! CK-12 provides you with tools to watch videos, take quizzes, and engage in interactive activities. And what’s more, instructors can choose from and/or change the content to best fit the their courses and required standards.
So how does this help each of us?

Us Here at Saylor
Many of our newer K-12 courses use this resource to teach concepts. Look for it in our assignments section of our

We’ve also used them in lots of our Saylor University courses, but our Common Core-aligned K-12 courses are newer and, you know, deserve some time in the spotlight.

You have the ability to use CK-12’s content to your advantage as you create, build, and remix free, open, and meaningful textbooks. Common Core Standards on your mind? Don’t worry…CK-12 has content (including videos, quizzes, and activities) that is aligned with those standards and more, different levels. The amount of subjects available is truly amazing, as they range from science, to math, to English, history, and more.

Explore and learn!  This resource is your oyster. Reading textbooks for fun has never been so much…fun.