ARTH209 iTunesUCalling all students and aspiring artists: Interested in Modern Art? Want to create a Futuristic or Cubist masterpiece? Curious about artistic celebrations of the Consumer Culture? Looking to travel to the MoMA in NY this summer? Then crack open your favorite Apple product! ARTH209 20th Century Art is now available on iTunes U!

With the help of, materials from the MoMA, World Wide Art Resourcesand others, you will learn about the various movements of the 20th century, and how artists have given their own unique artistic reactions to cultural and historical contexts of the US and Western Europe. You will also learn about major contributors to the arts of the 20th century and identify basic features of their artistic styles.

Advice: You will be learning a good amount of vocabulary during this course. Use the ArtLex Art Dictionary  to help you get a clear and concise definition of each new term. And you’ll be good to go!

Not on iOS?  Don’t scream (or worry)! The version of ARTH209 is here to stay!