Calling all health students, practitioners, scientists, and those of you who are just curious!

Students ask from time to time about what courses we have in the health fields, and the answer, we’re sorry to report, is none as yet.

So if you’re interested in taking a free course about how climate change affects one’s health or in catching up on your environmental science skills — or you’d just like to look into saving lives and emergency medicine — get out your stethoscope and lab coat, because we’ve got a resource just for you: Next Gen U.

You can dive into one of the three health courses this summer free of charge and take advantage of credit opportunities — Next Gen U is collaborates with public and private organizations, many of which “give learners credit for this training.”

Afraid to go it alone? Want to collaborate with others around the world? Global peers and mentors are on hand to help you out! You can get the details in the “About” section.

Curious about what the courses will entail? You can login as a “guest, ” and see the basic layout of certain courses. Each course has modular units, followed by a final exam and course wrap-up.

Let us know what you think (and tell ’em Saylor sent you)!

Photo Credit: ssoosay via photopin by 2.0 CC