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If you been poking around in our K12 courses lately, you might have noticed the many new ones that have been popping up! Our über-experienced K12 Course Designers have been working hard in tandem with our Content Team. And today, we are featuring one of the fruits of our labor: K12MATHSTATS: Advanced Statistics! This AP®-style course brings together one of our own original Flexbooks, as well as Interactive Labs, frequent checkpoints, and other activities to help you learn to:

  • Create and interpret graphs and charts as a means of summarizing and communicating data meaningfully.
  • Summarize and interpret the relationship between two quantitative or two qualitative variables.
  • Use and assess the appropriateness of the measures of center and measures of spread in comparing distributions.
  • Construct sample spaces and calculate probabilities for simple and compound events.
  • Formulate a statistically valid experimental or study design for a given research hypothesis.
  • Identify and name four sampling methodologies…and so much more!


  • Resources: Flexbook included, this course has tied together a number of  Common Core aligned resources to help our students, young and old, learn statistics. Educators, administrators, parents, and others can use this course as a resource and reference as they guide their students through the rigors of advanced mathematics.
  • Coursework: If a school is low on funds and/or does not offer this course, students and educators can use this course to prep for the College Board’s AP® Statistics exam. 
  • Supplementary Coursework:  Gifted and remedial students can also dive right into our course with the confidence that it was built by an experienced Course Designer. Additionally, this course can be used in pieces to further supplement a certain unit or section of a course, acting as an equivalent, guidelines included! 

Disclaimer: This is NOT an AP®course or otherwise sanctioned by the College Board. However, this course may help prepare a student for the AP Statistics exam. This course was created with the AP guidelines in mind and was designed by an instructor experienced with the exam. For more information about the College Board Terms of Use, please see here 

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