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Just a quick update in case you missed the posts yesterday on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Ah, right — and LinkedIn (hey, follow us!):

We announced yesterday the open secret of the Media Library, which you can discover for yourself at Not that you have to remember it; we included a link in the footer:

Image of the hyperlinked menu items in the page footer.

Read the press release to see some use cases for our intended audiences, and please feel free to share the release widely (kind of its intended purpose, right?). Of course, do visit the library! It’s a work in progress, with additions and some polishing to be done, but we’re quite proud of what we have for you today:

  • 6000 resources
  • 3000 open educational resources (OER)
  • 100+ full textbooks
  • Serendipitous discovery

Note: this post has been updated with a new footer image (11 Aug 2013).

3 thoughts on “ICYMI: The Media Library is Live!

  1. Congrats on the launch! I know this project was a large undertaking and took a lot of time and planning to make it a reality. Such a huge accomplishment: I hope many benefit from your work on it.

  2. What version of the platform were you using for the screenshot? It doesn’t match any page I can see – for we mere students the link is ‘Library’, not ‘Media Library’ and that is next to an ‘About’ link rather than ‘About Us’…

    1. Hi Paul, first, you are no “mere” student, but second, you are spot on. We posted this mere hours before changing up the footer, having decided that we are not so rich in pronouns and adjectives that we should be giving them away on the site (or anyway, why use two words when one will do). We’ll change out the screenshot to be less confusing, and thanks for keeping us honest.

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