Calling 6th-grade teachers, students, and homeschoolers too — we have a great recipe cooked up just for you!

All rhyming aside, the mobile-flavored K12ELA006 English Language Arts 6 and K12MATH006 Math 6 are now available on the Saylor Foundation’s iTunes U channel!

The Course Deets:

    • K12ELA006 K12ELA006: This Common Core aligned English Language Arts course is geared towards sixth grade students and includes readings from Mark Twain, Jules Verne and J.M. Barrie. These authors (and more) will help you learn many things, including how to compare and contrast story elements or main ideas of different texts, study the stages of the writing process and traits of good writing, and so much more.

  • K12MATH006 K12MATH006: This Common Core aligned Mathematics course is geared towards sixth grade students and will help you to compute multiplication and division of fractions,
    fluently compute with multi-digit numbers and find common factors and multiples, understand ratio concepts and use ratio reasoning to solve problems, and loads more.

These courses were designed by two of our awesome and blogworthy Course Designers…you can meet them here:

Educator Snapshot: Amy Kasten (ELA)
Educator Snapshot: Kelly Quinn (Math)

Not on iOS? Not to worry…our courses also live at