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Flying Dodos SuperHistory DodoFrameIf you haven’t heard of Flying Dodos, we wouldn’t blame you — after all, they only launched early this morning.

We’re sponsoring their SuperHistory DodoFrame — a long-ish name that describes an interactive, embeddable HTML5 widget that puts the first appearances of comic book superheroes on a timeline with the historical events that helped inspire their creation (think Captain America appearing around the time of U.S. entry in the Second World War, or the Incredible Hulk showing up in the middle of the Atomic Age).

And thanks to the magic of the Web, you can engage with it below.

About Flying Dodos

The Flying Dodos inhabit a new website, located in Spain but reaching worldwide, that create free, educational content. Learn more about them at their blog,  like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

About DodoFrames

“DodoFrames are interactive animations that present information about ecology, responsible consumption, culture, education, critical thinking, and more.

“About the size of a banner, they are useful resources available at no cost. They can be added to any website or blog. To ensure that our DodoFrames are accessible to everyone, we are working exclusively with HTML5 technology.”