Eagle-eyed viewers of our site may already know this, but we recently set loose six new credit-recommended courses after a review by the National College Credit Recommendation Service.

Full details are available in the release, which we invite you to share: http://bit.ly/19fwsXj

So why does this matter? College affordability is an issue. Big (and even not so big) price tags scare students off. Sure, there are grants, scholarships, inexpensive loans. Many people have access to college counselors, experienced family members, and community organizations, giving them all the knowledge they need. But many, many students do not.

College access is an issue. Overcrowded courses, distant campuses, de-funded programs. Students shouldn’t need to invest three or four years of their lives just to get a two-year degree.

Higher education is going to change. The credit hour system is going to change. The degree system is going to change. But not today and not tomorrow. Students cannot wait. They are putting off career, marriage, and children. They’re working full-time jobs to cobble together a few hours of education a week.

We want to help give those motivated students a boost. This is not about College Lite. This is not about bargain-basement degrees from no-name institutions. This is about helping smart, engaged students on a less-traditional path get to the degree they want or need.

That is something both schools and students can take to the bank.

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