Visit Amit Agarwal’s Twitter profile as of today, and you will be greeted by a banner that reads, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” A lot of digital ink has been spilled over explaining Creative Commons licenses; based on the rule quoted shared by Agarwal, clearly many of us do not understand Creative Commons licenses well enough!

Some do. Enter Creative Commons Poland, who commissioned a poster (below) to break down the licenses in simple pictures and few words.

Poster credits: Commissioned by Creative Commons Polska, designed by Piotrek Chuchla | CC BY 3.0 Poland.
A hat tip to Amit Agarwal, who shared this poster on Digital Inspiration, and to Lifehacker, where we discovered the DI copy.

For more on Creative Commons licenses and how to use openly-licensed materials (especially those created and gathered by the Saylor Academy), see our open course resource center.

Graphic showing how different Creative Commons licenses work.