Members of the Saylor Academy community may already be familiar with our partnership with Adamjee Life in creating and supporting the Adamjee Life Academy. Since 2013, our collaboration has supported Adamjee Life employees in pursuit of continuous knowledge and proven the value of Saylor courses to a company truly committed to staff development.

We at Saylor Academy are proud of our ongoing role in advancing the professional lives of Adamjee Life staff, a number of whom have graciously agreed to share a few words about the program. Today, we begin a series of posts with a note from company CEO Fredrik de Beer:

“As CEO of one of the leading and fastest growing Life Insurance Companies in Pakistan, I strongly believe that Human Resources is the only distinguishing factor among Technology and Infrastructure that can bring real-time difference to the growth and development of an organisation. In pursuit of this belief, we envision making Adamjee Life a Learning Organisation where employees are encouraged to pursue a steep learning curve with new knowledge insights and their applications to the workplace.

“In addition to numerous initiatives taken in this direction, deploying the self-paced, 24/7 accessible, self-directed Saylor Academy’s e-learning modules — specifically designed around the learner, eliminating geographical barriers and the need of physical presence, giving individuals the right to choose their learning pace and the chance to select contents appropriate to their differing interests, needs, and skill levels — was one of the mindful decisions ever made to ensure that the learning process occurs by design rather than by chance.

“The current statistics have revealed the enthusiasm of staff towards this e-learning platform and a definite increase in knowledge and application of this newly acquired knowledge to the workplace. Most importantly, the staff is very contented to have attended various courses and proudly display their certificates, which is well-attested in their testimonials. This speaks to their self-esteem and ownership for their personal development. I must acknowledge the extensive support of the Saylor Academy Team without which the above learning would simply not have taken place.

“I truly appreciate the partnership between Saylor Academy and Adamjee Life Academy, and would like to broaden the range of elective and supplementary courses enabling us to further promote and introduce this educational strategy among our group companies. As a second step, we intend to act in alliance with Saylor Academy to issue certificates from the platform of Adamjee Life Academy. Here students will be given access to the link which will directly land on the Saylor Academy page under the domain name of Adamjee Life Academy. The future strategy might include the formation of Adamjee Life University in collaboration with Saylor Academy where students from anywhere can benefit from the credit-recommended university-level courses available online. We are quite excited about this and hope it works out well among us.

“Lastly, but most importantly, I sincerely appreciate the invaluable support for making these courses available and for being such wonderful educational partners.”

Mr. Fredrik de Beer
CEO, Adamjee Life