A first version of a digital transcript function has been added to the Accredible dashboard (available to all students who have completed one or more courses).

There are a few items to tidy up, mostly some text overflow issues and a missing logo (these fixes are already in the works), but the main bits are all there: course code and title, grade, date completed, and a course description that displays when you click on the entry for a course.

A print button takes you directly to a dialog where you can print out your transcript or save it to a PDF file (whence it can be posted online, emailed, etc.).

Here is an example of what you might see:

Sample transcript on Accredible.com

One nice feature, at present, is the ability to print a version with our without course descriptions — each course can be expanded to show its description, and choosing to print after expanding preserves the displayed information.

Our very own Nate shares the following about potential upcoming features:

  • The ability to show courses from multiple providers that use Accredible or to show course from one provider only.
  • Links to the related course certificate, so that a transcript could act as a dashboard of sorts to your certificates and related evidence items.

So, with this transcript having just appeared, what are your thoughts? What would make this transcript more useful to you?

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