Just in time to ring in the new year, the good folks at our partner Accredible have made some changes to improve how you can manage your Saylor Academy course certificates.

Previously, you could log in from Accredible’s homepage by clicking the login link, specifying that you are a student rather than an issuer, and entering a password.

Now, there is no need to maintain an account with Accredible to view, print, share, and otherwise manage all your certificates. Learn what’s new below…

Get links to all of your Saylor Academy certificates

On the Accredible homepage, click on the Find My Certificate! link (or, of course, just click our link). Submit your email address and within a few minutes you will receive an email with links to all your certificates. (If you do not receive a message, make sure you entered your email address correctly and/or check your spam folder.)

Accredible Find My Certificate

Log in to manage your certificates

Viewing any of your certificates will allow you to log in. Just click on your name (under “Owner” in the left hand menu) or on any of the options under “Modify Certificate”. 

Accredible Certificate

A message will pop up allowing you to send a security code to your email address:


Accredible Login New


Retrieve the email message and enter the given security code in the box provided to log in:

Accredible Security Code

Once you are logged in, click on your name to access all your certificates, view/print your transcript, or change your email address. As always, you can choose whether your certificate will be publicly available or private using the “Hide Certificate” option.

You can learn more and find solutions to common problems at Accredible’s help center

Remember, too, that your Saylor Academy course completion certificate from Accredible is much more than just a digital certificate. You can add evidence items (like course notes, programming code, images, videos, essays, etc.) and seek references from colleagues, supervisors, peers, etc. Need some inspiration? Take a look at how “John Smith” uses evidence items and references to create compelling support for his certificate.

Screenshots: Accredible
Banner: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay – CC0 | Certificate by Julia Stoffer via The Noun Project – CC0