Join our live office hours on Wednesday, part of celebrating Open Education Week 2016

Please join us for our Open Office Hours this !

Our topic will be Open Courses for College Credit — we have chosen to highlight credit opportunities for open online learning in order to inform and inspire not just our current student community, but a wider community of parents, professors, administrators, and others who can help to support and expand opportunities like these.

To attend and join by chat, just visit this page as we begin:

We’ll be trying something a bit new — combining live video (which will be archived) and open chat; we’ll take questions as we go, but we’ll stick around after we stop streaming video to go in deep on any Saylor Academy topics that come up!

If you would like to receive a reminder, just RSVP on our Google+ or Facebook pages.

This event is part of Open Education Week, a celebration of open learning around the world that runs from March 7th to March 11th. We encourage you to explore the events and resources shared by OEW participants, many of which will continue to be available year-round — use or search for #openeducationwk on social media.

We hope you will join us and we look forward to connecting to Saylor Academy community members past, present, and future!

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  1. I think it was a great idea to schedule these Open Office Hours - that will run today (Wednesday, March 9th 2016 at 3:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM UTC) - about Open Courses for College Credit :smile:

    I just have 2 suggestions for now (maybe for @seanconnor ?)

    Thanks again! :smile:

  2. Links:
    + Earn College Credit Guide
    + Credit Transfer Partner Schools
    + Special Programs
    Hello There!!

    I can't click on Special Programs! Is it a technical issue or fault of my computer? Dunno.

  3. @seanconnor: I believe that @natethompson has fixed that missing link issue to the "Special Programs", during the "Office Hours" chat of March 9, 2016, in response to another user that reported that same issue during the chat.

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