We currently have some important roles we need to fill at Saylor Academy. These contract jobs are temporary but a huge part of our success — just check out the list of our course consultants and reviewers to get a sense of how important they are to Saylor Academy.

Specifically, we are looking to hire great folks with higher education teaching experience and subject expertise for the positions below. If you happen to be such a person, we would love to hear from you; if you happen to know someone who would be a great fit, please share this with them!

Via our employment page (click the job title links for the full description, requirements, and what to do):

Assessment Item Writers

Saylor Academy seeks educators to create and revise assessment items for our OER-based courseware. Assessment Item Writers will be asked to revise or replace questions that have been flagged for falling below certain psychometric thresholds or to bring questions up to the Academy’s revised minimum standards for acceptable assessment items. Educators may be asked to re-write all or part of the flagged items and must ensure that new questions are unique, original, and aligned to the course learning outcomes. Because this work is essential to Saylor Academy’s success, an honorarium of $150 is awarded for each project.

We’re looking for help across our entire course catalog for this one.

Consulting Professors

Saylor Academy seeks experienced professors to assist in developing OER-based courseware.

We’re looking for help with these courses, specifically:

BUS209: Organizational Behavior
BUS210: Corporate Communication

Course Peer Reviewers

Saylor Academy seeks peer reviewers to review its online, OER-based courseware. Peer reviewers are responsible for evaluating courseware and providing feedback on courses’ overall difficulty, quality and cohesiveness (a comprehensive questionnaire is provided). Because this feedback is essential to Saylor Academy’s success, an honorarium of $250 is awarded for each review.

Here’s the list of courses we need to put through reviews:

CS201: Elementary Data Structures
CS202: Discrete Structures
CS304: Compilers
CS403: Introduction to Modern Database Systems
CS405: Artificial Intelligence
CS408: Advanced Artificial Intelligence
CS409: Cryptography
CUST104: Business Communications
CUST105: Customer Service
MA111: Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
PRDV251: HTML and CSS for Beginners
PRSM107: Crisis Communication
RWM101: Foundations of Real World Math
RWM102: Algebra
RWM103: Geometry
SALES103: Public Speaking for Sales

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