We are excited to officially announce our new certificate designs, including some options you might not have known about!

In a previous post, we talked about how sharing your certificates on LinkedIn can help you stand out. And we hope that the new designs will encourage you to share with your networks — to share them with friends, family, to share them with your school, and to share them with that potential employer. If you have taken the time and effort to educate yourself with Saylor Academy, let people know — and maybe inspire them to do the same.

The new certificate designs and how to earn them

First up is the standard certificate, which you can earn for every Saylor Academy course by passing a final exam. This is the most common kind of certificate.

Standard certificate example

Second is the Saylor Direct Credit course certificate, which you can earn by passing a proctored exam for one of our credit-recommended courses. This is the next most common kind of certificate — we just posted a brief report on how our college credit program is going.

Direct Credit Certificate example

Third is the proctor-verified certificate. We have 50+ course exams that can be taken in proctored conditions with our partner ProctorU, for situations in which you might want extra verification behind your certificate.

Proctor-verified certificate example

There is one more new kind of certificate we’re eager to talk about…so much so that we’re going to hold it for its own post. Keep an eye on our blog for the big reveal.

Some useful links:

What you think of the new certificates? How do you like to share your learning accomplishments?