Welcome to the first Weekend Assignment!

The premise is to get you to learn something new over the weekend around a certain theme –usually following up on our Friday Fact. You could use our free courses, or Wikipedia, or Google, or use a library to learn (I hear they have all sorts of knowledge tucked away in there).

Share what you discover with us, and everyone, on Twitter. Just tag us (@saylordotorg) and use the hashtag #SaylorAssignment.

This weekend’s theme is Time.

We all have it, sometimes it’s long, other times it’s short. It can run too fast, or too slow, but rarely just right. We try to use it wisely, but often fail. We measure time and we use time as a measurement. It comes and it goes, but it’s always present. It governs our lives.

Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to learn something new about time.

Here are potential avenues you could explore:

  • Time Management
  • Time Relativity
  • Time Travel
  • Tempus Fugit
  • Time Keepers
  • Daylight Savings

The avenues are endless.

Spend a little time this weekend and learn something new, and don’t forget to have fun!