We have the pleasure of announcing a brand new course, presented in conjunction with Otago Polytechnic (NZ) and OERu.

LiDA100: Learning in a Digital Age provides an opportunity for hands-on practice with digital learning literacies. Although geared toward those involved in higher education, the course is ideal for anyone who wants to build confidence and competence as an autonomous learner, both on and off the Web. The practices you hone will serve you personally and professionally.

The course is unique among Saylor Academy courses in a few respects:

  • The course materials were developed by faculty at Otago Polytechnic in coordination with OERu.
  • Our LiDA100 course is a composite of four “micro-courses” offered via OERu, LiDA101 through LiDA104, which correspond to Units 1 through 4 of our version.
  • You can take it alongside a cohort of fellow students via OERu, offering opportunity for exchange with people from more than 50 countries (and counting).
  • Along the same lines, many prompts for interaction are built into the course itself – while not required, social learning is very much a part of the fabric of LiDA100.
  • A number of qualifications (credentials) are available through OERu partners. Be sure to explore the course syllabus.

How to participate

Our LiDA100 is ready now – enroll as you would any other course. You have the choice whether to take the course at your own speed or along with a cohort.

If you want to join the cohort and learn in step with others, you might get the best experience by signing up for email updates directly from OERu, which you can do from their “LIDA101” course homepage.

Cohort dates are below; you can join any cohort at any time within the scheduled dates. You do not have to wait for the next cohort to begin in order to continue with the course – interaction with other students before and after these cohort dates is still possible, you are just likely to find greater activity within the scheduled cohorts.

Cohort Dates

LiDA101 (Unit 1): Digital Skills for Online Learning
14 March to 28 March

LiDA102 (Unit 2): Digital Citizenship
04 April to 18 April

LiDA103 (Unit 3): Open Education, Copyright and Open Licensing in a Digital World
25 April to 09 May

LiDA104 (Unit 4): Critical Media Literacy and Associated Digital Skills
16 May to 30 May


  • If you want to join the cohorts, we recommend signing up for email reminders from OERu.
  • The entire course is available to you anytime.


Don’t be shy! Leave a reply here or send us a message. We look forward to joining you online.

Enroll in LiDA100: Learning in a Digital Age