97 Credits

The Saylor Direct Credit program now includes 33 tuition-free courses recommended for 97 credits.

Sixteen courses have been recommended anew for the next three years, but we are especially pleased to announce two brand-new additions to the roster, Principles of Finance and Organizational Behavior.

BUS202: Principles of Finance (ACE, 3 credits)
BUS202 is the study of a number of different sub-fields within finance, with particular emphasis on determining which projects have the best potential payoff, managing investments, and evaluating stocks.

BUS209: Organizational Behavior (ACE, 3 credits)
BUS209 is a detailed study of how people interact in organizations, delving into the factors that have the greatest impact on organizational behavior. Topics range from managing individuals and understanding group dynamics to managing conflict and initiating change.

With two dozen partner colleges and universities, as well as hundreds more that will consider credit-recommended courses, the Saylor Direct Credit program is a flexible — and growing — solution for students looking to finish a degree.

Our tuition-free credit courses can help you meet your college goals, especially if any of these are true for you:

  • You are an adult or working learner
  • You have some credit but no degree
  • You are a few credits short of a degree
  • You hope to graduate early or on time
  • You need a flexible schedule
  • You need fully-online courses
  • You need radically affordable options
  • You want early college credit
  • You need to fulfill prerequisites
  • You already attend one of our partners colleges/universities

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