Are you choosing a career, or looking for a career change?  The average person will change jobs about 11 times over a lifetime, however, changing your industry can feel as if it is a more serious endeavor than simply switching companies. Making a career change can be daunting, particularly as you try to determine what field to go into, how to network and the education/training you will need to be successful.

I talked with Laticia Carrow, who has recently decided to transition from being a beautician to a career in cybersecurity, about her challenges and rewards pursuing this new field. 

Laticia has done her research to find out if cybersecurity appeals to her, surveyed her local job market, learned what kinds of skills she will need, gathered learning resources, and has even started to network.   Now, she is balancing learning, work, and family for a new career that will offer her plenty of room for advancement.

Cybersecurity is predicted to have a growth rate of at least 28% between 2016 and 2026, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and is a lucrative field to get into, with a median salary of almost $100,000. Changes in technology mean the field will continue to see growth and new opportunities to hire.

There are several credentials you can acquire to demonstrate your knowledge to potential employers, as Laticia is doing through an intensive program and self-study, ranging from industry certifications to a bachelor’s degree or beyond.  (You can also do both via Saylor Academy partner WGU, who has built industry certifications into its IT degree program.)

Laticia’s advice to future career changers, and “anyone who wants to learn”:

“You should discover what’s out there… there’s so much going on as far as technology is concerned, and you just need to broaden out.”


She’s also planning to check out Saylor Academy’s self-paced computer science courses, with pathways to degree programs in cybersecurity.  If you are considering a change, you should as well! You can check out Laticia’s YouTube Show, “Tish Talks Tech”, or reach out to her on Twitter @LaticiaCarrow or Instagram at @carrowbeauty.

Good luck Laticia!