One of the skills consistently identified by employers as a key skill they look for in prospective employees is communication. Communicating well with co-workers and communicating with customers and clients is essential for everyone working in organizations of all sizes. To help learners around the world hone this critical skill, we are excited to launch a new course in our “Professional Development” catalog in “Interpersonal Communication”.

In this course, students will learn to:

  • identify specific competencies of the interpersonal communication process used in facilitating small group communication;
  • identify the stages of small group development;
  • identify typical setting for small group communication;
  • explain the roles of people in small groups;
  • apply the theories of communication to the small group setting; and
  • identify ethical and unethical applications of communication in small groups.

Like all Saylor courses, this course is free and offers the opportunity to earn a free certificate that you can list on your resume or add to your LinkedIn profile, or platform of your choice.

Please share this course with anyone you know that may benefit from improving their communication skills (which is most of us!), and if you are ready to take the course you can sign up here, start today and study at your own pace.

Happy Upskilling!

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Banner photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash