Harold is a Saylor Academy graduate living in Asia.

SA:  Hello there Harold! How did you hear about Saylor Academy?

HG: I learned about Saylor Academy by searching for articles that extol the advantages of online learning. I read some articles online comparing various online learning platforms, and then I realised that Saylor Academy is a good fit for me.

SA: What course was your first course and why did you choose it?

HG: It was a course on Decision-Making (PRDV228). I thought it was a unique course to enroll in, something like a prelude to some business school or management degree. Plus, I wanted to learn something new.

SA: Once you obtained your first certificate, what inspired you to complete another 6 courses?

HG: It’s mostly about seeing for myself if I could still learn some university-level topics, as I have been away from university for a decade or so. As a family guy, there’s work to deal with, and there’s family to take care of. I need to upskill, and SA offers courses that I think I could enroll in. And the fact that the pandemic itself was getting worse, there was not much to do back then. So, I gave it a try, and I was hooked! 

SA: Which course was your favorite and why? 

HG: Definitely the course on Project Management. It is very structured, and it has a good selection of reading materials. It definitely helped me understand project management on a deeper level.

SA: Would you recommend Saylor Academy to others? 

HG: Yes, I would. 

SA: What are your career goals? And how have the certificates you obtained through Saylor Academy prepared you to achieve those goals? 

HG: I have always thought about changing careers, and what would it take to be prepared. And the way I see it, I need to cover bases related to management and business skills. My goal is to be prepared to take on junior to middle management roles. It’s a good way to prepare for these roles by taking courses and be able to apply what I learned at SA to real life management situations.

SA: What is one way you think we can improve?

HG: Please add more business and management courses. You could also consider adding courses related to education management and natural sciences.

SA: Do you have any advice for people joining the online learning community? 

HG: Learning online has become better and easier. Saylor Academy offers challenging courses. Take advantage of it. 

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