Сергей is one of Saylor Academy’s top course completers, with 17 of our courses under his belt! He resides in Russia and has two diplomas of higher education. He hopes to build a career for himself with everything he has learned.

*This interview has been edited slightly for clarity*

Saylor Academy: Hello Сергей! How did you hear about Saylor Academy?

Сергей Макаров: I already have 2 diplomas of higher education. I received the first one [Management] at the academy, and the second one [Law] at university. As a result, I studied for more than 9 years. I learned about Saylor Academy through the internet while looking for interesting training courses to supplement my knowledge, learn more, and master professional skills that are in demand all over the world!

SA: What course was your first course and why did you choose it?

CM: The first course was ‘Project Management’, which I started studying back in 2020. It is a very popular course and is of greater importance in our world.

SA: Once you obtained your first certificate, what inspired you to complete another 16 courses?

CM: After receiving my first certificate I was very happy, as it was an achievement for me. The completed course was very interesting and I decided not to stop there, especially since I have been out of work for a long time due to the pandemic.

SA: Which course was your favorite and why?

CM: My favorite course was ‘Principles of Marketing’, because this is a very relevant direction related to management, product promotion, etc. With this course you can feel more confident.

SA: Would you recommend Saylor Academy to others? 

CM: Of course! Saylor Academy can be called an oasis in our world!

SA: What are your career goals? How have the certificates you obtained through Saylor Academy prepared you to achieve those goals?  

CM: I hope to get a decent profession and build a career for myself! The certificates obtained at Saylor Academy make you much more confident; they give serious knowledge and skills in popular professions. Such rich knowledge will not hurt anyone!

Сергей Макаров: "The certificates obtained at Saylor Academy make you much more confident; they give serious knowledge and skills in popular professions." Click To Tweet

SA: What is one way you think we can improve upon? 

CM: You have already done a lot!

SA: Do you have any advice for people joining the online learning community? 

CM: The teaching is light; I advise everyone not to fall off on what has been achieved. You can go deep in the direction of your interests, and become the best in your desired field! Let your dreams come true! 

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