Saylor graduate Vince G. is on an exciting journey to earn his Bachelor’s degree. With newly-found career goals, he’s become a lifelong learner that strives to become an ESL teacher in Cambodia! Vince has taken 3 college credit courses with us and has taught us a valuable lesson about how removing some barriers of traditional education can aid him, and many around the world, achieve milestones. Read his story below:

SA: Tell us about yourself. Where are you from, what are you currently working on?

V: My name is Vince and I’m working towards a Bachelor’s in Marketing. I’m from the countryside of New York and spend most of my time studying, hiking, copywriting, and independent contracting. I have a background in Exercise Science and spent most of my time in the workforce as a personal trainer. My goal moving forward is to obtain a Bachelor’s degree so I can get a great job as an ESL Teacher while building online businesses and continuing to personally train 1-2 clients at a time.

My biggest struggle as a personal trainer was lacking sales and marketing experience. While I could perform my job well, I didn’t have a consistent flow of clients (and therefore income). When Coronavirus shut down the gyms, it gave me a rare opportunity to perform a sincere self-assessment and urged me to develop skills where I’m lacking.

SA: How did you hear about Saylor Academy?

V: I’m seeking to become an ESL Teacher in Cambodia so I subscribe to a number of YouTubers who talk about that subject. Subtly, in the back of my mind, I wanted a Bachelors’s degree because it increases your pay and marketability as an ESL Teacher, but I wasn’t actively seeking to get one since they seemed too long and expensive to get and I thought I’d have to go in person. I never knew about alternative credits before I stumbled on a Youtube video from “BenTeachesEnglishOverseas” where he talked about how he got his Bachelor’s degree quickly and cheaply online by using alternative credits through CLEP and DSST exams. I did some digging into those exams and found out they were not ideal for me: they didn’t offer a lot of options, they cost $100+ per exam, they didn’t offer sufficient study material, and they had very limited locations, computer requirements (for remote exams), and most remote exams couldn’t be taken online. I did some more Google searches for alternative credits and found this link from Thomas Edison State University. That’s what really caught my attention and made me realize I wanted to get a Bachelors’s degree online through alternative credits. They mentioned, Schmoop, and Saylor. Saylor caught my attention originally because I recognize the name from “Michael Saylor” who I’m aware of in the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency community, so I started researching Saylor first. Seeing that the study materials [and exam] were free and each [proctoring session]  was only $25 made it a no-brainer for me.

"You’ll know it’s a real reason [to want to learn] if you find yourself becoming emotionally connected to the course material as you read it and find yourself excited to start each chapter." – Vince G. Click To Tweet

SA: How many courses did you take with Saylor Academy? Which one was your favorite and why?

V: I’ve taken 3 [college credit] courses so far! My absolute favorite had to be Principles of Management. I took so many notes of practical, actionable tips and strategies I could implement in work, my personal life, and everyday scenarios. All the chapters felt extremely relevant to my life and future ambitions, so I naturally wanted to absorb as much information as I could. I also recognized a few names and terms from previous studies, such as “groupthink” from reading George Orwell’s “1984.”

SA: How has Saylor Academy impacted your life and your career development?

V: Saylor is making my life so much easier and is opening doors for me. Before Saylor, I thought if I wanted to get a Bachelor’s degree I would have to put my whole life on pause and give up my time, income, savings, and freedom. Saylor fixed all of that. I can take courses on my own schedule, while still working, without spending much money, and I can take these courses and their tests from almost anywhere in the world! The biggest thing stopping me from pursuing a Bachelor’s degree was that I thought I’d have to give up my dream of traveling and teaching ESL around the world. I thought I would have to stay in my home country and be patient before I could travel. Saylor gives me my freedom back and opens all sorts of opportunities.

SA: Do you have any advice for people interested in taking classes online?

V: Find a real, genuine reason why you should be interested in the course material. In what ways can the course material be practical for your current life or predicted future? If you can foster a true interest in the material, everything will be so much more absorbable. Not only will you remember everything easier for the test, but you’ll be more excited for each lesson and finish the courses much quicker. If you’re like me, you’ll take tons of notes. Almost every chapter I was taking notes on something and writing down how I wanted to implement it in my life or giving myself warnings (such as for the Business Law class) on things I should look out for before signing a contract or what clauses I should include in a contract for when I become an employer. Give yourself a reason to want to learn, and don’t make up a random reason. You’ll know it’s a real reason if you find yourself becoming emotionally connected to the course material as you read it and find yourself excited to start each chapter.

"Before Saylor, I thought if I wanted to get a Bachelor's degree I would have to put my whole life on pause and give up my time, income, savings, and freedom." – Vince G. Click To Tweet

SA: Anything else you might want to share with us?

V: My all-time favorite thing about Saylor, even better than the affordability, accessibility, and free information, had to be the analogies, stories, and examples included in most chapters. It gave me a relatable scenario I could connect to and remember, and made the chapters so much more enjoyable to read. There was an excellent mix of straight facts and stories that assist with memorability and reliability.

Education is a powerful tool that can open many doors. Congratulations to Vince on his new certificates! We are eager to see his future accomplishments. Read more student interviews here and learn about their experiences earning their certificates. You can find all information on our courses here.