Corey Travis

Saylor Academy courses are used in the award-winning “Finish Line” degree completion program at the University of Memphis. To date, students have completed 1,214 courses and earned 3,642 credits through Saylor courses transferred to the University of Memphis!

Finish Line students are busy adults, like Corey, with senior standing (or 30 credits or less to graduate), who are returning to Memphis to complete their degrees. Saylor courses enable these students to study at their own pace, and complete without incurring additional debt. (Learn more about Finish Line here)

 Corey Travis (senior) took it upon himself to reach the end of his college journey and graduate this fall through Finish Line. Corey has earned an entire semester’s worth of college credits thanks to the 4 classes he took with Saylor Academy! With his graduation right around the corner, Corey reflects on the path he took to get to where he stands now. 

"I really would not have made it to the finish line and even think of graduating without having the ability and the option for the Saylor Courses. I am grateful." — Corey Travis Click To Tweet

At age 36, Corey is serving as the Founder and Director of a non-profit called Memphis Youth Arts, a program through which Corey and his team mentor children in the performing arts. He is also the owner of Travis Professional Services, where he offers graphic design, music, and event planning services. He enjoys life at its fullest with his three adopted sons, ages 13, 16, and 16. In his words, ” I’m so full of life and liberty, and it shows through my passionate work in the community.”

 Corey is studying Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Education & Business at the University of Memphis, where he first heard about Saylor Academy. 

“I was introduced to Saylor Academy by the University of Memphis as a self-paced low-cost alternative to taking a few classes that I did not have the funding nor personal money for.”

And his experience with our courses was not disappointing in the slightest. “I was impressed! The [Saylor Academy] modules were easy to navigate and easy to understand. The material and concepts taught are valid and time-appropriate. I enjoyed being at my own pace and taking the quizzes to check my understanding and progress.” Some he found to be vital to his professional success. “My favorite was BUS301: Human Resource Management! I learned so much that I was able to apply directly to my current career.”

Corey’s resolution after graduation is to apply everything he learned in college to his two business ventures. “I want to train and build a better infrastructure for both for-profit and nonprofit. ” He aspires to one day become a mega-business owner and an investor.  We will be rooting for you, Corey! 

“Saylor is something that I think needs more attention and more people need to know about it. Not just for getting college-level credit but also for enhancing yourself and any area the website offers.”