Saylor Academy courses are used in the award-winning “Finish Line” degree completion program at the University of Memphis. To date, students have completed 1,214 courses and earned 3,642 credits through Saylor courses transferred to the University of Memphis!

Finish Line students are busy adults, like Rebecca, with senior standing (or 30 credits or less to graduate), who are returning to Memphis to complete their degrees. Saylor courses enable these students to study at their own pace, and complete without incurring additional debt. (Learn more about Finish Line here)

Rebecca Welch (now Schepman) earned her Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Memphis last Spring. Life after graduation has turned into an entrepreneurship adventure for Rebecca.

In her own words:

“After reassessing my priorities and passions, I decided to start my own baking business out of my kitchen. So I’ve been learning how to run a business and market my painting/art as well. It has definitely been an adventure and a leap of faith, but I am so excited!”

Rebecca is venturing into a new professional journey. But her story began as an undergraduate when she was able to reach the finish line thanks to the four courses she took with Saylor Academy.

“I found out about Saylor Academy through my University of Memphis academic advisor Mrs. Nancy Leanne Bennett. She was so helpful in guiding me along my educational journey.”

“Saylor courses impacted my trajectory in college by allowing me to excel quicker than normal. Without Saylor courses, it would have taken me longer to complete all my courses. Therefore, delaying graduation. I’m so lucky to have had the option of taking Saylor classes!”

With her degree in hand, Rebecca prepares to face the future with the skills she gained throughout her college years.

“Graduation brought a great deal of change. Obtaining my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Memphis was a huge accomplishment for me since I am the first in my immediate family to get a Bachelor’s degree! I am grateful for the journey. Currently, I see myself going back to school for my  Master’s degree if scholarships/grants are available.”

 We are proud to feature stories like Rebecca’s and will continue to assist many more college students around the globe in their journey towards their goals.

Congratulations, Rebecca!

 “I definitely recommend Saylor Academy for degree-seeking individuals. I enjoyed the experience and would choose Saylor again in a heartbeat. Thank you!”